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33.1    Match word form each box to form collocations from the opposite page and use them to 
           complete the sentence below (Borrow, Make, Spend, Stay, Supplement, a float, afortune,  
           heavily, my income and then a payment)

1.       I make a payment of €500 every month to my credit-card account.
2.       When I was a student I got a job in a fast-food outlet to supplement my income.
3.       I used to borrow on books when I was at university
4.       I had no grant or scholarship, so I had to spend a payment  to finance my studies
5.       Small firms find it difficult to stay a fortune  when costs and interest rates are high

33.2     Copy and complete collocation bubbles using words from the box. Some words
            collocate only with debt, some only with overdraft and some with both. Use a
            dictionary to help you find one more collocation for each bubbles.

      1.     To arrange a (overdraft)
      2.     A bad (debt)
      3.     To be in (overdraft)
      4.     To clear a (overdraft)
      5.     Deep in (debt)
6.     Facility (overdraft)
7.     To get a (overdraft)
8.     To get into (overdraft)
9.     A hefty (debt or overdraft)
10.   The national (debt or overdraft)
11.   To pay off a (debt)
12.   Ridden (debt)
13.   To run up (debt)
14.   An unauthorized (debt)

33.4  Answer the question about collocations from the opposite page
1.      What object is a person or company being compared to when we use the collocation keep or stay a 
       float metaphorically?
      (The object is a company)
             2.    What are you eventually expected to do with a loan ?
       (No, I will not expected to do with loan)
3.    If a bank calls in a loan, do they (a) give it (b)write it off (c) demand full payment
       (They write off)
             4.    If someone defaults on a payment, do they (a) not make it (b) make it in full (c) partially
                   make it
      (They not make it)
5.   What is the crime called when someone make illegal use of another person’s credit card?
      (The crime called when someone do a default payment)

34.1  Match the beginning of each sentence with its ending

      1.  The  government is finding it very difficult to curb (Inflation)
      2.  The country is suffering because of the current economic (Climate)
      3.  Although heavy industry is in decline, service industries are (Thriving)
      4.  The CEO is anxious to safeguard his company’s (Thriving)
      5.  New machinery has enabled the factory to increase its (Output)
      6.  The tax authorities plan to tackle the issue of undeclared (Interest)
      7.  The budget plan explains how we intend to allocate our various (Exclusion)
      8.  We must tackle and solve the problem caused by social (Earnings)

34.2     Which of these phrases would a Finance Minister be likely to use about  
             the economy under his/her own guidance and which about the economy under a
             previous rival government.

      1.    Build on success (the economy under his/her own guidance)
      2.    Extend opportunity (the economy under his/her own guidance)
      3.    Leave inflation unchecked (the economy under a previous rival government)
      4.    Levy heavy taxes (the economy under a previous rival government)
      5.    Meet with success (the economy under his/her own guidance)
      6.    Poor value for money (the economy under a previous rival government)
      7.    Rampant inflation (the economy under a previous rival government)
      8.    Rising unemployment (the economy under a previous rival government)
      9.    Safely steer the economy (the economy under a previous rival government)
      10.  Steady growth (the economy under a previous rival government)
      11.  Thriving black economy (the economy under a previous rival government)
      12.  Thriving industry (the economy under a previous rival government)
      13.  Uninterrupted growth (the economy under a previous rival government)

34.3 Find the opposite of the underlined words in these collocation in the opposite 

1.       to invest for the short term (long)
2.       to restrict opportunity (clear)
3.       declared earnings (apparent)
4.       falling unemployment (get up)
5.       stunting growth (speed up)
6.       soaring profits (decline)
7.       private spending (public/general)
8.       to reduce cost (run up)
9.       to lower interest rates (higher)
10.     to abolish a levy (round off)

      34.4 Complete each sentence using words from 34.3 (either those underlined above or their 
               opposites) in the aapropriate form.

1.     The government has more control over restrict than over run up spending
2.     Tax inspectors make spot checks to ensure we do not have any declared earnings
3.     If you have a steady and secure income, then it may be sensible to invest for the long
        term  rather than the short term
4.     Reduce unemployment is a sign of a healty economy
5.     If the government wants to slow down the economy by higher interest rates, then a
        company’s costs will be higher and so their profits may lower
6.     A progressive government will want to higher opportunity and to higher growth
7.     A political party might think it was a good idea to slow growth down but it would be
        very  unlikely to say that it wanted to reduce growth
8.     The government has decided to run up a levy on commercial waste collocation in order
        to encourage recycling.

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